Working with GEP will get you, concept development and innovative design as well as secure and reliable production, quality and product safety, e-commerce-solutions, warehousing, and global distribution; We call it TSP - Total Service Provider.

We work with several different digital platforms and e-commerce solutions to be able to offer our clients the most cost-efficient option depending on their needs on function, integration, design, and interaction. We have adaptable digital solutions suitable for B2B, B2C and campaigns.

Campaign solutions
The need for GWP* solutions are continuously increasing. To build and strengthen the brand position, increase sales, and to secure or expand space in the physical store.  We offer full instore premium campaigns which makes huge impact. However, there is an increasing need to connect in-store activities with online presence and activities to reach the right target groups and alight with overall marketing strategies. We have solutions for different kind of collect and get, scanning barcodes or receipts, all easy and secure and with the possibilities for better ROI control and data analysis.  

*Gift With Purchase

We have several different warehouse solutions depending on your needs, Should multiple products be packed and sent out to all your entities, do you have a GWP campaign or a contest so the gift should be sent home to each participant, or should we keep the stock in warehouse and distribute once an order comes through the e-commerce platform. Regardless of your need, we will assist you.

We know what is needed to import and export the items we make and will be there every step of the way to ensure that your product end up at the right place in the right time, no matter if it is to one destination or if the goods should be distributed globally.