Since the start of GEP Communication Group (GEP) 2004, a focus on corporate social responsibility (CSR), social accountability (SA), SWA (Social Workplace Accountability) and finally, product security (PS) has been of absolute priority. Working on these core issues permeates our entire workflow and is well-known to all our employees and verified in our (Certified) Work Process. For us, it is vital to always educate, develop and improve ourselves in these areas, as we have a responsibility towards our customers, suppliers and ultimately the users.

As a foundation for this, lies our Code of Conduct, which our suppliers sign of on and this is controlled by GEP both directly and indirectly through 3rd party testing institutes, so-called "audits". Through the code of conduct, the suppliers agree to comply with our agreements on a zero tolerance against discrimination, child labor, forced labor, bribery etc. Furthermore, they also agree to follow market wages, working conditions and good working environment, etc. Our goal is always to work long-term with our suppliers and we always work together to seek consensus and to continuously make improvements in these areas.

An environmental aspect is of course included in our process. Beginning at the drawing board our designers can affect (for example), the choice of materials or smarter and smaller packages. Our purchasers are constantly working to find new products with less environmental impact and to choose the best and most enviromentally friendly way of transportation. Our goal is clear; to offer an environmentally friendly alternative as often as possible.

At GEP we are proud to be able to offer productions with Fairtrade-certified cotton. Fairtrade is an independent certification and the criterias for Fairtrade is to create conditions for sustainable development at a local level and to protect the environment where Fairtrade-certified cotton is grown. By choosing Fairtrade certified products, your company can contribute to poverty reduction and a more sustainable trade.

At GEP, we are also proud of being able to work at the highest levels (in all stages) regarding CSR and SA certified factories. We are also proud to offer the highest level of product safety in the market today. Which certificates and certified organizations, product testing levels we use for each time, differ from product to product and are decided together with our customers. This is to maximize customer benefit and cost-effectiveness throughout the process. At each production, GEP will of course share certificates for the producer and test result from the production to ensure that the agreed goals and requirements are followed throughout the process.

Below are some of the certified institutes, organizations, and well-known companies (which requires the highest sustainability and environmental certifications as well as product safety testing) and institutes we work with.

If you as a reader want to know more we welcome, you to contact us and we will happily answer your questions and thoughts about these topics.