We work for sustainable and long-term relations with our personnel, clients and suppliers since we think that is most beneficial for all parties, as well as for the environment. We want to be able to offer the most sustainable solution, based on product, material, production, and transportation. For every project we consider the below parameters, that all have an impact on our environment:

Our ambition is to produce items in the most sustainable way, but we find it equally important to manufacture products of high quality with a design that makes the product appreciated and used, something our graphic designers focus on from start. By making small changes in for example material or a smarter packaging solution, we can come a long way.

Our purchases are continually working with sourcing for new items and material with less impact on the environment and to choose the best transport methods. Our ambition is clear; always offer the best option from a sustainable point of view. Depending on set parameters to work with, we also take into consideration if an item should be produced in Asia, Europe or in Sweden.

The different laws, rules and regulations are a jungle, but we have the knowledge to make sure that products produced by us are meeting set demands. By implementing quality controls, certifications, using independent testing institutes etc. When you are working with us, you can rest assured that the products made by us are meeting set requirements, whether it is CE, REACH, POP’s, RoHS, Toy safety act, product safety act, chemical act, battery directive etc.

Our aim is that the material we use in all packaging, individual as well as master cartons, should leave as small a footprint as possible on the environment. To make it easier for the end-user to recycle correctly, we label material produced by us with information about which material is used and how to recycle it properly, given that we can influence the design.

We collaborate with our forwarders on a daily basis and long term, to make sure that our deliveries will leave as little negative impact as possible. We recommend and encourage our clients to plan their purchases like any other marketing activity, to use the most sustainable way of transport. We also offer CO2 compensation programs, where air transport is compensated by projects that counteract negative environmental impact.


Below are some of the certificates, licences that we have, are engaged in and organisations that we are working actively with. If you have any questions or would like to know more, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss any thoughts about these topics.


Since the start of GEP, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Social Accountability (SA), Social Workplace Accountability (SWA) and Product Security (PS) has been an absolute priority.

Working on these core issues, permeates our entire workflow and is verified in our work process. For us, it is vital to always educate, develop, and improve ourselves in these areas, for our pride in what we do as well as our responsibility towards our customers, suppliers, and end-users.

The foundation for our work with CSR, is our Code of Conduct, which describes our values. By accepting our Code of Conduct our suppliers and producers reassure that they follow and share our values for human rights, child labour, forced labour, discrimination, bribery, working environment and responsible usage of resources etc.  

We have long-term relations with the suppliers and producers that we choose to work with, and we work together to seek consensus and to continuously make improvements within these areas. Something that we also follow up on a regular basis, both internally and by using independent controllers.