Since the start of GEP, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Social Accountability (SA), Social Workplace Accountability (SWA) and Product Security (PS) has been an absolute priority.

Working on these core issues, permeates our entire workflow and is verified in our work process. For us, it is vital to always educate, develop, and improve ourselves in these areas, for our pride in what we do as well as our responsibility towards our customers, suppliers, and end-users.

The foundation for our work with CSR, is our Code of Conduct, which describes our values. By accepting our Code of Conduct our suppliers and producers reassure that they follow and share our values for human rights, child labour, forced labour, discrimination, bribery, working environment and responsible usage of resources etc.  

We have long-term relations with the suppliers and producers that we choose to work with, and we work together to seek consensus and to continuously make improvements within these areas. Something that we also follow up on a regular basis, both internally and by using independent controllers.