GEP Communication Group AB is the biggest promotional Agency in the Nordics. We are proud to be working with some of Europes largest and most appreciated brands and trademarks. To enable this process we have gracefully handpicked some of the best within the industry at design, project management and purchasing, everyone with a long and extended experience within their department. Today we are approximately 40 co-workers, and in 2017 GEP Communication Group had a total turn over of approximately >150MSEK.

GEP Communication Group AB are certifierade accordring to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 och OHSAS 18001.




Concept development, innovations and design.

Production, packaging solutions and webshop.

Warehousing and global distribution.




What do we offer?

Our goal is to develop products that strengthen our clients brands. We maximize the effect of our clients investment and help them to be top-of-mind, to sell more and increase their profit.  Our production procedure involves a substantial quality and environmental policy and therefore we can offer our clients a complete solution of concept development, innovation, design, production, webshop, warehousing and global distribution.

Project- and collection based solutions, global campaigns and everything in between – a strategic product development leads to prosperous business and a cooperation with us results in an effect.

We have since our merger developed more than 25 000 various products for our clients, and every day that number increases. 2017 GEP Communication Groups' turnover was >150 MSEK and now we have our mind set on becoming the #1 agency in Europe at strategic product communication.  

Who are you?

You represent a organization that understands that a strong brand leads to increased profitability.

You have a strategic roll with responsability for communication/marketing or/and purchasing of merchandise.

You realize the importance to comunicate the brands value and statement in a unified manor, towards the correct target group and through the correct channels.

You appreciate that products have its natural part in a complete communication strategy.

If you can find yourself in these words, then we think alike and share the same goals.